iNumerica technology

Because our products are designed to be modular, with iNumerica you can just choose the product you need.
  • Is your current system satisfactory enough?
  • Do you wish to supplement the missing features with our corresponding modules?
  • Would you like to connect with new partners and third party solutions?
  • Are you ready to comply with new industry demands?
  • You wish to transfer part or all of your system to our solutions?
A flexible and customized structure to fulfill your requirements, whilst minimizing your investments.

We have designed our products to be modular and interoperable with other systems.
Our systems’ components comply with industry rules and existing third party solutions. They are made to operate efficiently and integrate with external systems.
Our team has first-hand experience in integrating standard solutions into iNumerica.

At iNumerica we anticipate all new technological practices in order to swiftly respond to clients’ needs.

As industry standards are constantly evolving and new solutions are emerging every day, iNumerica is at the forefront of integrating new technological parameters, allowing us to promptly deal with our clients’ demands.

Our products are continuously evolving in order to integrate the latest functional requirements of the music industry.