Transforming Music Management

iNumerica, a global partner

Imagine a world where everything is working seamlessly…

  • Where processes are meticulously streamlined and operations are optimized to uncompromised perfection.
  • Where exceptional customer service is paramount and where the ever-changing demands of the music industry are met with consummate ease.
  • Where cost savings abound and where new revenue streams are generated to ensure a greater return on your assets.
  • Where powerful new tools keep a close watch on the efficiency of your company’s performance, regularly providing you with precise information to assist your plans and decision-making.
A new strategic approach to our multipurpose products and services will bring you closer to the vision which sets us apart.
  • Longstanding expertise.
  • Established skills and high reliability.
  • Providing ready-made solutions through a combination of first-rate technology, service and project management.
  • Efficient and flexible business models and processes.
  • Clear service management and customer service.
  • Tailor-made flexibility within an assessable and transparent budget.
As your business environment develops, iNumerica will be at your side…

Thanks to its centralized data model and interfaces based on service-oriented architecture, our solutions can be adapted to your specific requirements and integrated into any software environment.