iCatalog is the core module of the iNumerica ERP and suite of modules, an intuitive software program that allows you to:

  • Access the entirety of your musical catalog via Mac/Pc.
  • Store all your catalog information in a single location.
  • Correct all copyright information.
  • View and identify all information related to an album or a catalog/s.
  • Electronically register your catalogs with performing rights societies through simple HFR, CWR, XML… file generation.
  • Make manual registration which comply with approved forms.
  • Export your catalog to partners in CWR (Common Work Registration), Ddex, Csv, Excel, XML, Xmi… format.
  • Distribute your content to your digital retailers in one click.
  • Benefit from intelligent wizards which automatically detect erroneous or missing information before inviting you to correct it.
  • Follow your registration history, with the option to add/modify/delete.
  • Interact with other iNumerica modules and complete your solution with index, declaration, negotiation, invoice and license fee tools.
  • Complete your catalog with audio, cover and multimedia links to export reliable data for use in external applications and the web.
  • Distribute your content to your digital retailers in one click.
  • Make your catalog available for the iMediaSources™ for use in Radio/TV and other partners who may need synchronization.

All iNumerica ® modular packages are designed to eliminate technical and administrative constraints.

iCatalog ® works on Macintosh and Windows.