Simply accessing the content of multiple music libraries is becoming a tricky business!

As a publisher/producer, do you want to help your customers make better use of your content?

Want to make sure they make the right copyright declaration to broadcasters?

iMediaSources is the solution for you.

  • Deploy your catalog effortlessly.
  • Make it accessible on iMediaSources in addition to your website.
  • Be automatically informed when your users create cue sheets.
  • For the user :
    • This is the access point to several Music Library catalogues available on a single platform.
    • A high-performance music thesaurus.
    • Drag-and-drop playlist creation and upload from the Results or Player window.
    • The ability to insert a playlist and copyright in iEasyCue Sheet Pro (integrated version).
    • To install the application on Mac OS
      • Right click on the imediasources.jnlp visible in your Download folder and open with JavaLauncher.
      To use iMediaSources in your country, please Contact us

      Requirement :
      - Java 8 or later version
      - VLC 2.2 or later version

      Download Java

      VLC for Mac VLC for Windows iMediaSources Video (Fr)