iEasyCueSheet Pro

Make your cue sheet easier by accessing the copyright of our partners!

iEasyCueSheet Pro ™ now allows you create your cue sheets in the Producer version.

Main features:
  • Access to copyright information which is continuously updated by our publisher partners.
  • Store all your cue sheets in a central database.
  • Automated analysis of an EDL (Edit Decision List) file from Avid, Protools, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro...
  • Automatic insertion of selected copyright information in the cue sheet form.
  • Search by title, composer, arranger, publisher or support reference.
  • Copyright search integrated in the software provided by Sacem.
  • Export of cue sheets in the electronic formats expected by the various recipients.

Technical environment:
iEasyCueSheet Pro is developed in Java and available for Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows XP or later versions.

Note: On Apple Mac OS X right click on the downloaded .jnlp and open it with JavaLauncher.

Download iEasyCueSheet Pro and create your User account.


- Java 7 ou later version

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