I’m a publisher, how can I integrate iEasyCueSheet into my site?

We provide publishers who are partners of iNumerica with an IT code to integrate into their website, enabling their broadcasting clients to set up a "cue-sheet" declaration for their works. Once the declaration is stated by the user, the publisher is notified and can check their history to find the declaration of the audio-visual program, where the publisher will also find the titles, copyright, length and destination of the works used. To implement other related services such as direct negociation with clients, the distribution of licenses and invoicing, please contact our iNumerica Support service.

The titles in my catalog are not recognized in your cue sheets system!

The most likely reason is that we don’t have your copyright information! As soon as we have received it from you, we will integrate it into our database in order for iEasyCueSheet Pro users to discover your titles and works. You will be automatically informed of the use of your catalog after every declaration on iECS Pro. Please don’t hesitate to contact our iNumerica Support service.

There is incomplete copyright information in my music database!

iNumerica can assist you in updating your database. Please don’t hesitate to contact our iNumerica Support service.

I’m an audiovisual producer, how can iNumerica benefit me?

The production company which uses the iEasyCueSheet Pro to declare the use of music in audiovisual productions, accesses our publishing partners’ copyright information via this module and via the one provided by SACEM. In addition, the iMediaSources module, which integrates iEasyCueSheet Pro, will provide him with a powerful tool for music research, creation of playlists to send to a collaborator and/or download in an editing tool.

I’m a director / sound designer, can I have access to your tools?

Of course! Just like a production company, you simply need to download the iNumerica application which best suits your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I don’t use Winmedia, Netia, Zenon, can I use iMediaSources?

Yes, in order to do so please contact our iNumerica Info service. Once we have identified your requirements, we can jointly determine the best means of integrating iMediaSources into your broadcasting environment.